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DC Brushless Solar Water Pump 17V 10W Solar Fountain

This product is solar-powered decorative fountain. It is made up of highly efficient solar panel and new brushless pump. It is start-up fast, efficient and strong stability. In addition, it has no electric outlet or external battery, so it's not only easy to use, but also safe. This product is suitable for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen, etc.

Product Details

DC Brushless Solar Water Pump 17V 10W Solar Fountain


Model NumberBSV-SP100
Item NameDC Brushless Solar Water Pump
Solar Panel Power17V/10W (aluminum alloy frame)
Brushless Solar Pump Power10W
Brushless Pump InputDC 6-24V
Max Flow Quantity of Pump100-1350L/h
Delivery Head60cm
Maximum Delivery Head200cm
Working Time8:00am - 5: 00pm (on sunny day)
Delay ≤3s
Cable Lengthabout 3m
Life Time≥ 20000hours
Product Weight2.1KG
Package Size35*27*8cm
Restartif sunshine is off, can restart within 3 Seconds when sunshine is back.

Main Features

100% new solar power fountain pool water pump
Come with a solar battery, and charged by the sun
Brushless DC water pump, pump water easily
Quick start and High efficiency.
Easy usage and operation.
Long service life.
3 different water outlet caps
Save water as far as possible
Wide irrigated areas
Keep the soil wetted and give a cool environment

Product Description

Product Performance

1. The pump is driven directly by the sunlight. So it will work continuously only when the sunlight is enough. As the power of the solar panel is depended on the sunlight, the pump is also affected by weather, seasons, places, etc. 
2. Don't make the pump work without water for a long time, or its lifespan will be shortened.
3. Don't put the solar panel and the control box in water, or it will be damaged.
4. Clean the pump regularly. If it's duty, it will stop working.
5. The solar panel is made up of glass and metal. You must be careful when using it. And don't let children play with it.
6. The moment that the pump starts to work, its spray height will be higher than the normal range and it will return to normal after 3-5 seconds. 

Method of Operation

1. Assemble the product according to the sketch map of the instruction. Then set it on the places where the solar panel is not sheltered from the sun.
2. Turn on the switch, the pump will work normally as soon as the sunshine is enough.
3. There is some air in the pump at the moment when it is put in the water. You'd better not concentrate the spray head to the pump until it sprays normally.

Package Includes

1 x Solar pump
1 x Nozzle Base
1 x Connection Head
1 x Filter
1 x Outlet
3 x Spray head

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