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Wireless Security Outdoor Waterproof Solar Garden Light 900 Lumen 4 in 1 Model 48 LED Microwave Radar Motion Sensor Light

Wireless Security Outdoor Waterproof Solar Garden Light 900 Lumen 4 in 1 Model 48 LED Microwave Radar Motion Sensor Light


Solar Panel5V 3.2W
Battery3.2V 3000mah/  Lithium Phosphate Battery
Maximum Voltage3.65V
Minimum Voltage2.65V
Working Current30-1800mA
Maximum Power6.8W
LED48pcs SMD2835 29-30lm, 4000/6000K
Working Time8hrs
Charging Time6hrs
Detection Anglegreater than 180 degrees
Detection Distance5-10m
Waterproof LevelIP65
Sensor FunctionMicrowave  Radar Motion sensor+dim light,
Microwave  Radar Motion sensor
Bum steady light,
Emergency light(30 minutes high light)

Product Details:

Garden Radar Motion Sensor Light.jpg      12.jpg

1. SMD2835 24-LED solar motion sensor wall light.
2. Solar-powered spotlight with efficient solar panel: no AC or DC power is needed.
3. Environmental-friendly products, high energy conversion rate.
4. The specific light-control system makes sure the LED auto on in dark environments (in the evening).
5. Automatically get charged during the daytime (enough sunshine), and light up at night.

Working Modes:
Longtime press for 5 seconds to turn on the light to the mode of first mode, press one time turn one mode (4 modes in total)
1. Light control+microwave radar sensor+dim light(When dark, the device is dim light; when motion is detected, it will turn on full light, 30s later it will turn to dim light; when no motion is detected, it is dim light.)
2. Light control+microwave radar sensor(When dark, the light will turn full light for 30s when people close it, when people leave, it will turn off; when no motion is detected, the device is off light.)
3. Bum steady mode:(Automitally turn on when dark,30% brightness, it will light for whole night if fully chraged, without motion sensor)
4. Enmergency lighting mode(high light will keep for 30 mintes, turn off light after 30 minutes)
After the switche four kinds of working mode, light turns off.  The light works as the working mode which was set everyday.
Induction mode: it keeps in sensing mode when motion detected within the area of induction, It will turn to power saving mode after 10 minutes when people left.

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