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The Two Kinds Of Lights Are About To Leave The European Union's History Stage.

According to the draft eu regulations, the proposed law will effectively ban halogen and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL, or CFL) as light sources by 2020.

As part of the review of the ecological design law, the minimum efficiency required for all light sources is 85 lumens per watt, and the maximum standby power is 0.5 watts. These requirements are about to take effect.

Since the standard halogen tungsten lamp has a efficiency of about 25 lumen per watt, and the compact fluorescent lamp with ballast can only reach 60 lumen per watt, both of these technologies will be eliminated by the new regulations.

Ecological design is often referred to as the "light bulb ban", which is to phase out inefficient sources in the eu.In recent years, the law has gradually banned incandescent light sources, and in September this year it will phase out non-directional halogen bulbs, including candles, GLS(A50, A60 incandescent), spheres and golf balls.

The removal of compact fluorescent bulbs from the market is highly symbolic, since compact fluorescent lights represent environmentally friendly lighting in the 1990s.But despite the constant penetration of compact fluorescent bulbs in commercial applications, householders have never taken it to heart, with many complaining of a low color temperature and a longer start-up time.The presence of mercury is also considered a fatal flaw because mercury is not environmentally friendly.

Although few would mourn the departure of the energy-saving lights, the entertainment industry has launched a campaign against halogen tungsten lamps.The campaign was launched by the Lighting designers association, called Save Stage Lighting.

The draft law also proposes to return to the previous use of lamps that can be replaced.According to the current wording, the manufacturer will remove the light source and replace it from the lamp by September 2020.The draft stipulates that "manufacturers and importers should ensure that light sources and separate control devices within the scope of this statute can be easily removed without permanent mechanical damage."

If these suggestions will be adopted, it will have a significant impact on the manufacturing process.

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