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Solar Light Donation Making A Difference In Pupils Lives

Pupils from Joe Slovo Park, a mix of formal and informal housing between Milnerton and Montague Gardens, will now be able to enjoy a better home study environment and improved health, thanks to a donation of 1 730 solar lights

The solar lights were handed over by the Flight Centre Travel Group’s Flight Centre Foundation, Clean C and SolarBuddy at the Marconi Beam Primary School in Milnerton on October 10, 2018.

Research studies by SolarBuddy indicated that pupils studied up to 38% longer once they had a solar light over a kerosene lamp, a lighting device that uses paraffin as a fuel.

The Flight Centre Travel Group’s Peopleworks general manager, Sam van Gool, said energy poverty affected one in five people on the planet.

Clean C’s Greg Player, who had been running education and community upliftment programmes in Joe Slovo Park for the past six years, said: “This not only causes serious health and safety concerns, but education is negatively impacted. In a 4x4-metre shack with no windows, it’s basically impossible for kids to do homework or read as it’s too dark.

“There’s a massive need for safe lighting. Our main focus is education and, through our partnership with Flight Centre and SolarBuddy, we can now give these kids the tools to improve their education.”

Working in partnership with SolarBuddy, the Australian inventors of the SolarBuddy light, and local non-profit organisation CleanC, Flight Centre distributed a light to each student at Marconi Beam Primary School.

Flight Centre Foundation general manager Anita Russell said: “We were first introduced to the work of SolarBuddy by one of Flight Centre Foundation's Australian charity partners, who distributed lights to the children of Papua New Guinea.

“Becoming aware of the extent of energy poverty and the incredible impact a simple solar light could have on a child, we realised there was a way the Flight Centre Travel Group family could get involved. This is just one of many education initiatives run by the foundation.”

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