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Solar Fountain Add A Feature To Your Garden

Solar Fountain Add A Feature To Your Garden

   Summer is on the way and that dim yellow sun is getting higher in the sky. So, as you potter outside to plan your 2018 garden, now is the perfect time to install a solar fountain to create a great-looking, active, central feature.


Why stop at a flat pond or other lifeless feature? A solar power fountain is easy to install, with no major electrical work or wiring required.

12.jpgsolar floating water pump (4).jpg

SunnySam offers a range of Sunspray high quality solar fountains that will liven up any pond and add some vibrancy to your garden. All models come with floats, so will sit on the water's surface in deep ponds. They use variable/adjustable flow pumps to control the fountain, and use run-dry protection that turns the fountain off if there's no water or a blockage to prevent damage.

The solar power panel (rated at between 3.5 and 20 watts depending on the model) can be put in an optimal south-facing position around the edge of the pond, with waterproof cabling between the panel, battery and the fountain. PowerBee offers a range of fountains for small, medium and large ponds. The fountains come with different heads for different water effects and, depending on the model, can provide between 1.2 and 3 metre water jets. All models come with battery backup, so they will continue to run should the sun decide not to make an appearance.

Practical benefits including helping to prevent icing in the winter and to keep water oxygenated to keep pond plants and life healthy. Aesthetically, there's nothing like the sight of decorative jets of water to add a little life to your garden, and the sound of gentle falling water. 

Easy to install and simple to maintain, SunnySam's range of solar fountains will provide years of enjoyment in your garden, with no hike in your electricity bill when running. So, why not make an attractive fountain the centre of your garden this summer?

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