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Solar Camping Light Solar Outdoor Light Solar Home Lighting

Portable Outdoor Lighting Rechargeble Camping Lantern Waterproof Light Color-Changing Inflatable Solar Light



1. Solar Panel: 5V/100MA                          
2. Battery: 3.7V/800MAH                          
3. Accessories: inflator
4. Marterial: PVC                                          
5. Charge Time: 8-10H                                  
6. Lighting Time: full bright 4h, semi-bright 5h, flicker 6h                                                
7. LED light source, foldable  full bright, semi-bright, flicker three model
8. Remote Control                                        
9. Patent No.: 201220601662
10. HS: 9405.50.0000
11. Marterial: PVC 
12. Waterproof: IP65 
13. Temperature: heat range is up to +50°C 
14. Rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack;
-300-500 cycle life Over charge/ discharge protection
-Over current and short circuit protection 
15. Energy & Space Saving! Retains a 50% of charge for 1 year if inactive 
16. Charge in both direct sunlight and incandescent light 
17. Setting: adjustable, more than one brightness setting. 
18. No. of packs in a carton: 100pcs 
19. Carton Weight: 15.50KG



1. New Design & New Concept! High Efficient Solar Panel Board, Waterproof & Bright Enclosure
2. Protable & Convenient! Flashing light setting for emergency situations;
3. Energy & Space Saving! Retains a 50% of charge for 2 years if inactive;
4. Charge in both direct sunlight and incandescent light;
5. Can be charged while collapsed or expanded / Inflating & Deflated! 
6. Deliver up to 90 lumens providing 15 sq.ft.of light;
7. Rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack;
-300-500 cycle life Over charge / discharge protection
-Over current and short circuit protection.


1. Outdoor living and activities (camping, hiking, hunting, fishing,backyards, parties etc);
2. Emergency situations (roadside assistance, blackouts, flood and other disaster rescue, etc);
3.Government Projects , For charity (lack of electricity, providing light for the under privileged and those who live in very poor areas).


1. When charging, please be sure to deflate and fold the solar lantern first, then put it in sunlight for roughly 8 hours to get a full charge.
2. Please remember to squeeze the inflating nozzle for easily inflating and deflating.

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