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Portable Super Bright Solar Lantern for Camping

Portable Super Bright Solar Lantern for Camping Manual Drive Outdoor LED Camping Lantern   


Solar panel:6V 50ma(0.3w)   

Light source:LED/12pcs

Battery capacity:Nickel-cadmium 6v/500mAh 

Three-way switch:4LED,8LED,12LED 

Charged by hand:15minute/1minute,by sun:14hours,by AC charge:1.5hours 

Full power:4LED:15hours;8LED:10hours;12LED:5hours 

with AC charge and mobile charge 

Product size:16*16*21.5cm  

Packing size;51*51*47cm    

Product weight:550g  

Net weight:12.5kg G.W.:13.5kg 



1. Can charge with hand running, 1 minute,lighting 15 minutes

2. Super long life battery,charing,circularly

3. With 12pcs of long life LED ,low energy consumption,high light imported white LED

4. Adopt rotary switch to adjust LED brightness freely

5. With handle and hanger,convenient for carrying

6. With emergency function and mobile phone charging function

7. With AC function and solar energy charging function

8. In order to guarantee the battery life,please charge in time when electric quality is not enough.

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