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Lighting Africa/Tanzania Leads The Way In Pico PV Standards Awareness

Lighting Africa/Tanzania Leads The Way in Pico PV Standards Awareness

  In September 2017, with support from the World Bank Group, the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) officially adopted the Lighting Global Quality Standards for Pico solar products as mandatory standards for all imported solar Pico products in Tanzania. These standards include benchmarks for product quality, warranties, and performance reporting requirements.

  In order to pave way for the smooth implementation and enforcement of these standards by TBS, awareness campaigns around the Standards are being conducted by stakeholders. The Lighting Africa/Tanzania program is also working closely with TBS to enforce the standards through pre – verification of conformity (PVoC) companies and market surveillance.

   To roll out awareness activities, Lighting Africa/Tanzania organized a standards awareness workshop for the published mandatory Pico PV Standards, targeting key stakeholders in the solar industry. The workshop provided a platform for stakeholders to query and clarify the standards, as well as ensure their businesses are in line with the new standards.

   The Pico PV Standards awareness workshop was attended by more than eighty (80) Stakeholders drawn from government institutions, development partners supporting the energy sector, Tanzania Renewable Energy Association, (TAREA), importers, distributors and retailers of Pico PV/SHS kits products in Tanzania.

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