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LEDs Solar Motion Sensor Light Super Bright Waterproof Outdoor Three Modes Security Night Lamp for Garden Wall

LEDs Solar Motion Sensor Light Super Bright Waterproof Outdoor Three Modes Security Night Lamp for Garden Wall


Model No.SS-SW28A
Housing Color Black
Solar Panel5.5V 0.75W
Battery3.7V 2200mAh Li-battery
LED28pcs 2835SMD
Brightness400 Lumen
Working mode1.Bum steady model
2.PIR sensor+dim light
3.PIR sensor
Sensor Angle90°~120°
Sensor Distance3m
Charge time6hrs full charge in summer
Lighting timebum steady model working 5hrs
Installationwall mounted
Waterproof LevelIP65
Main MaterialABS


1.easy to intall it on walls,trees,metal and glass
2.using grade A+ battery cells,large capacity,long standby.
3.intelligent sensing system provides overcharge,over voltage,short circuit and more security protection. light brightness and human motion automatically.
5.mode conversion:,mode1 light control;mode2 dim light+human induction+light control;mode3 human induction+light control
  mode1: it will auto turn on light during the night time or at the dark area and auto turn off during the day time or at the bright area
  mode2:it will auto turn on dim light at night,when people come close about 3-5m,it will turn on bright light for 20-25 seconds then auto turn dim light
  mode3:during the night time or at the dark area,it will auto turn on light when it sensing human movement, and it delays 20-25 seconds when people walk out of it's sensing range then it will turn off.

Product Details:


How to install?
Fix the product with a right angle and make sure no shelter on the surface of solar panel. 
How to use?
The product is off before delivery in order to avoid discharging during transportation. 
You can activate it by using the pin or related button or tearing off the film. This is depend on different item, 
the activate way may differ. 
What to do with the rainy day or Cloudy day? 
The outdoor solar light is waterproof. You don't need to worry about it. 
After fully charged, the capacity of battery can keep the LED working in several rainy/ cloudy days.
If you found the light brightness is down or total off, how to handle?
It prove the power of solar light battery is not enough to support normal lighting, so you need have 2-3 
goods sunlight charged, especially in Winter season, the sunlight intensity is much below the standard 
sunlight (1000kw/m2), it may need more longer time to charge.

Why the charging efficiency is low in winter or cloudy day?
Generally the sunlight standard is 1000kw/m2, in the winter or cloudy day,the sunlight intensity are much 
lower than standard so the charging efficiency is lower accordingly.  

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