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Installation Angle For Solar Lights

You must have been told that solar light should be fully charged so that the light time can reach to scheduled time. So we should take measures to make full use of solar energy. According to physics, the longer the sun shines on the solar panels, the closer it is to vertical illumination and the most energy it received.

Direction and tilt angles are the major influences on energy it received.


The principle of mathematics points show that facing south is the best, so that The maximum amount of light that can be accumulate throughout the day. Of course, if you use more in the afternoon or in the evening, it will be no problem if it is westward.

Tilt angle:

The tilt angle of the panel is to allow solar panel to accumulate as much energy as possible. The values of the tilt angle is related to your latitude. 

Because the Earth's axis of rotation and orbital orbit are not vertical. The sun's angle is different in different seasons, with a change of ±23.4 degrees. The middle of the sun's angle appears during the vernal equinox and equinox. At noon that day, the sun's angle is exactly equal to (90 degrees - your latitude). The maximum and minimum sun angles occur during the summer and winter solstice. In this way, the best inclination in summer is about 15 degrees smaller than latitude; the best inclination in winter is about 15 degrees larger than latitude. By integrating mathematics, the best angle of inclination for the whole year should be a bit larger than your latitude in order to achieve the maximum value received throughout the year.

Of course, in practice, more heat is needed in winter than in summer, and you can consider setting the tilt angle 10 degrees greater than the latitude where you are.

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