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Brief Introduction Of Solar LED Lighting System

Solar cells and LED lighting is a typical application of new energy and energy efficient technology, solar LED lighting is the use of solar cells will be the nature of the solar energy into electrical energy, provided to the LED light source. Due to the low voltage, energy saving and long lasting characteristics of LED light source, the application of solar LED lighting system will achieve a high efficiency of energy use, work reliability and practical value. Common applications such as solar LED lawn lamp, solar LED street lamp and solar LED lighting lamp, etc..

The working principle of solar LED lighting system is in the period of solar light, solar panels to collect the solar energy is transformed into electric energy, under the control of the control system, the use of solar photovoltaic battery MPPT mode, electrical energy stored in batteries, LED lighting system needs power, using PWM drive control mode, to the LED lighting source provide efficient and safe voltage and current, LED lighting system, safety, stable and work efficiently and reliably, provide clean and environmentally friendly green lighting for work and life.

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