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The function of grid connected solar power generation system

Raw material characteristics: the battery chip: the use of high efficiency (more than 16.5%) of the silicon solar chip package, to ensure that the solar panel power generation. Glass: the low iron tempered Velour glass (also known as clear glass), thickness of 3.2mm, in the wavelength range of solar cell spectral response (320-1100nm) pervious to light rate was 91%, for more than 1200 nm infrared light with high reflectivity. This glass and solar radiation resistant to UV light, light transmittance is not decreased. EVA: the with the thickness of the anti UV agent, antioxidant and curing agent is 0.78 quality EVA film as solar battery sealant and glass, TPT between coupling agent. With high transmittance and aging resistance. TPT: on the back of the solar cell cover - fluorine plastic film and white, the sunlight reflection, so the component efficiency increased slightly, and because of its high infrared emission rate, reduce the working temperature of the components, but also conducive to improve assembly efficiency. Of course, this fluorine plastic film first with the solar cell packaging materials required for aging, corrosion resistance, airtight and other basic requirements. Frame: the aluminum alloy frame with high strength, strong resistance to mechanical shock. Is the most valuable part of the solar power generation system. The function is to convert the radiation power of the sun to electric energy, or to storage batteries, or to promote the work of the load.

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